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Steel Transformation Academy

Learn and develop the most important skills you need for an incredible transformation… without all the noise and misleading info making it harder than it needs to be.

Move well, eat well and live well for the rest of your life.

Everything you need to complete your transformation

From the moment you sign up, you’ll have all the support and knowledge that you need at the tip of your fingers.

Learn how to continue eating delicious, tasty food as well as all the other critical information that makes a difference in your transformation



Learn the fundamentals of the Academy – training, nutrition, habit-building and much more.


Exercise safely and efficiently. Maximise results with the correct training for your goals.


Join a supportive group of members working to achieve similar goals.


Never lose sight of your goal with incredible support around you.


Build Habits

Break old habits and form new ones to ensure your transformation is permanent.


Cook delicious and tasty recipes that adhere to your nutrition guidelines.



All your questions are answered in our Private Transformation Hub.


Contact Jake for a personalised program specific to your needs.

Simple, actionable steps.

An amazing transformation is not easy… but we do want to make it simple.

  1. Learn how much food you need to eat on a regular basis.
  2. Learn how much activity you need to perform.
  3. Stay motivated and driven to succeed.

The Steel Transformation Academy provides you with the tools required to check off these simple steps.

Why is online coaching better than in-person coaching?


Scheduling is easier

You don’t have to work into someone else’s schedule. Need to train at 5:30am? Go for it! Can’t train today but want to tomorrow? Go for it!

Workout flexibility

Whether you train at home or at your local gym, I will create workouts specifically for you and your facilities.

Results-based training

We won’t waste time on things that aren’t directly going to help you achieve your goals.

Increased accountability and support

Instead of the accountability from 1 session with a trainer, I will be there for you during every session. Whether it is 2, 3, 4 or even 5 sessions in a week, I’ll be checking in with you for them all.

It's cheaper

You don’t have to pay a trainer an expensive hourly rate for every session. On my Custom Training & Nutrition program, for example, you get a whole month of expert coaching for the cost of only 2 and half in-person sessions.

Do it from anywhere

I’m located in sunny Australia (well, sometimes sunny here in Melbourne), but you can work with an awesome coach who suits your needs from anywhere in the world!

Some of my amazing clients

Join a supportive group of members all working to achieve similar goals and help increase motivation and stay on track. As well as support and motivation, you will also receive coaching and feedback in the Steel Transformation Academy Hub where you can ask questions, post videos for feedback and more.
Amy lost 7.6kgs
Stephan lost 16kg
Alex lost 31kgs
Ash lost 15kgs

How does it work?

Online coaching allows you to complete your training wherever and whenever it suits you. You’ll also receive all the nutrition coaching and support you need to reach your goals.


Free Trial

Trial the Academy to learn about all the habits, skills, strategies, training and nutrition required to make your transformation permanent.


Get ongoing access to all the benefits of the Steel Transformation Academy PLUS your own account in my training app that is updated weekly with workouts specific to your goal.


Get the most coaching support and guidance with a personalised training program. Weekly communication about training and nutrition will help to make your goals a reality.


Watch educational videos and learn everything you need to make a permanent transformation.


Cook tasty and delicious recipes that will contribute to your progress, not hinder it.

Ready to get started?

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